Industrial Additives

Lubrilic® markets a variety of grades of industrial additives. These performance- and process-enhancing ingredients serve as valuable extenders and functional components of a wide variety of formulation projects.



Lubrilic® Hydraulic Oil additives have been formulated with antiwear agents, antioxidant and metal deactivator. It possesses fine properties of abrasion resistance, anti-oxidation, resistance to emulsion and air releasing. These additives can not only prolong the service life of machine but also prevent hydraulic pump and other components from wearing and tearing. Resistance to varnish and improved filtration are its added benefits.



Lubrilic® Compressor additive serve as air compressor oil formulated with highly effective anti-wear agent, antioxidant, extreme pressure, demulsification and antirust properties.  They provide long oxidative life, rust and corrosion protection, excellent anti-wear performance, reduced deposit formation and fine foam inhibition. It has additional advantages of lower operating costs, reduced energy consumption, longer equipment durability and enhanced safety.