We are customer-focused. Our business was founded on a simple desire to solve a problem that would benefit all; we still operate on the same principle. This sincere commitment to helping our customers succeed has made us a market leader and global supplier for our customers' products. We are proud to be participants and competitors in a global, high-tech industry in which our leadership is the result of our fierce dedication and desire to provide the world with quality and innovative solutions.


Who we are

Lubrilic® is a world leader in the formulation, manufacturing and marketing of lubricating additives. We LEAD among our customers many of the world’s most recognized consumer brands. The three cornerstones of our approach to conduct business are:


Lubrilic® draws on a rich heritage that is underpinned by vigorous research and development activities. We have been innovators of additive products, including those used in:


Our smart solutions have become key components of today’s most demanding applications and advanced hardware systems. Our engineers and chemists not only develop products, but improve upon existing ones in order to best fit the needs of our customers, making them more successful at their business. Our products are used in a broad range of applications with multiple end uses such as engine oils, heavy-duty diesel and marine fields. At Lubrilic®, our groundbreaking patents and technologies come from our passion and commitment to research. We embrace working with our customers striving to understand their challenges in order to provide them with customized solutions. Lubrilic®’s technology in additives, ingredients and compounds not only enhances the quality, performance and value of our consumer’s products, but also works to reduce their environmental impact.


Lubrilic® is all about its people. While anything is possible in a technology-driven world, at Lubrilic® we recognize that nothing is possible without our human assets. At the heart of this company are the people. The time, skills, and imagination invested are invaluable as we continue to grow the enterprise. Just as our business spans the globe, so do our employees. At Lubrilic®, we are committed to ensure a quality work-life, balanced for our employees because it truly is all about the people.


Corporate Responsibility

At Lubrilic®, we strive to act as responsible corporate citizens. Based on the principles outlined in our corporate philosophy, we continually protect the health and safety of our employees, customers and neighbors as we support stronger, more sustainable communities. We define our success by:


The road to sustainability is paved with challenges, but we’ve developed new ideas and new ways of thinking to grow and to operate in a way that is conscientious and sound.


Guiding principles

These guiding principles are the cornerstone of commitment to the Responsible Care program. Chief executives of companies that are members of chemical or chemistry associations pledge that their organizations will demonstrate a commitment to sustainable development and continual improvement.


Our Priority

We are the people who do not wait for the opportunities to come to us rather; we are focused to search and find those opportunities and avail them fully to make them our success. We are aimed to introduce new and improved methods of development in order to render quality products. We always focus in building trustworthy relationship with the people and in the business circle because no business can survive without having good relationship and satisfactory reputation. We are the people who want to develop ourselves in all aspect of integral businesses. We believe in: