Innovation, combined with customer service, quality and value commitments, has transformed Lubrilic® into a vibrant leader in the Chemicals and Lubricants market. Clearly aligning itself with the world’s rapid pace of modern development, the company continues to invest for PROMOTING its business. Lubrilic® expertise means you can expect not only quality products but also products that deliver all-round performance.

Products & Industries

Lubrilic® Engine Oils additives used in cars and light-duty truck engines are categorized as passenger car engine oils. They are designed for vehicles running on gasoline, diesel and alternative fuels. The use of these additives prolongs the engine life and lowers the maintenance costs as well. Lubrilic® product line also meets the latest American petroleum institute (API) and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) engineering requirements ...

Research &

Dedicated and talented scientists form the core of our Research team. Our path-breaking efforts have resulted in the adaptation of many new technologies, manufacturing improvements and a clutch of valuable global patents. The R&D center is well equipped. In the highly complicated and competitive market, we are determined and committed to meet our customers’ ...